Wednesday, 29 August 2012

U.D.I's.. (understanding Debbie's injuries) Lol

So, I have told you before about my Northern Bessie mate.. Debbie, she's a LOON, a proper drinker & a great friend, she is also the Godmother of Ruby "Princess".. Now, I have a funny story about the Christening of my Princess.... & for my Post on UDI's to make any sense, I have to tell you about the Christening.

The morning of the Christening started very well, all the Godparents together, celebrating with a Bucks fizz, we all went to the church, Christened the "Princess" then went to the reception. I had booked the reception at a local social club until 5pm. Everybody was having such a lovely time that we decided to take the party back to our house... Drinks were flowing & everyone was in high spirits.. One of the Godmothers was laying on the floor playing with the "Princess", throwing her up & down, after a little while, Kerry put her down & she crawled off leaving Kerry still laying on the floor... At this, Debbie shouts My Turn & throws her self at Kerry, smashing heads but continuing straight over & smashing her nose on the floor. I at this time was in the down stairs toilet & as I came out could see blood everywhere.. I ask whats happened & Debbie turns around, saying that its all ok, that shes just got a nose bleed. NO.. That is no nose bleed, she had split it open. It took her daughter & me at least 10 minutes to convince her that she WAS going to hospital to get it looked at.
When we finally saw the doctor, he just looked at me & shook his head, the poor bloke didn't know where to start stitching, her nose was split in so many directions...

after this we would joke with her that the next time she comes down, we would notify the emergency services.. The next party she came to was the "Princess"'s 1st Birthday... & yes, she hurt herself... this time she fell backwards over a post
Leaving her with this lovely bruise...

Unfortunately, Debbie missed the 2nd Birthday but this weekend was the a double Birthday Party as it was the "Monsters" 1st & the "Princess"'s 3rd.... & guess what? Yep... Debbie ended up with another huge bruise, this time she slipped on the decking, landing on the arm of a chair... But she did stop the "princess" from hurting herself so it wasn't in vain... lol

I think the moral to this little story is either Debbie needs to stop coming down to visit or she needs to cut down on her drinking.. Ha ha ha

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Egypt again & NO broken bones...

As some of you know, I went to Egypt in December & managed to snap my ankle away from my leg & shatter my leg in 20 places, leaving me with a plate in my leg & a completely fecked ankle.... This has meant I have to have another Op to correct the said fecked ankle. Because of this "Him in doors" decided to take me on holiday so that I could have a rest before the Op.. (Yeah right, Rest, ha ha ha) anyway, I said if we were going on holiday, then I wanted to go back to Egypt to the hotel where I had the accident so that we could see the friends that we had made... Needless to say, he agreed, well, it was a holiday for me.... Lol

So, I contacted our friend Ahmed who is a manager at the hotel & he did us a very good deal, I then booked the flights. After it was all sorted, I told the kids... Molly was very excited as she hadn't been on holiday with me & her dad in years & after her break up I think she needed something nice to look forward to. Boo was happy to be going back & the Ruby Princess was beside herself.... For the whole 13 days before we went, EVERYDAY she would ask me "Can we go now Mum" " Do we go NOW" so I made her a chart to tick off the days until it was time to go...

Well, the 23rd came & we were all ready to go. We woke the kids up & the first thing the Princess said was "Yay, let's go see Susan, Ahmed & Dr Hany" bless.. Excited much?? As we were leaving "Him in doors" did the usual.. "Have WE packed everything" YES "I" have packed everything... & I was even nice enough to pack your clothes that you couldn't even get out ready for me to pack.... We got to the airport & headed straight for a restaurant to get some breakfast, as we waited for the breakfast to come Molly & I did the compulsory "Duty free shopping" buying loads of things we don't actually need & plus the bottle of perfume that "Him in doors" always buys me.. The flight was ok... The Princess & the Monster were very good, the best on the plane actually... We arrive at Hurghada airport & we were met by our friend & the Doctor that looked after me when I had the accident there. The Princess nearly wet herself... She ran straight into his arms. We go to the hotel & book in... Seeing lots of the people that had helped us when we were there in December. Molly loved the service we got, cold drink & cold flannel to cool you down... We were taken to our rooms (joining rooms, not that I don't trust Boo & Mols but I felt happier having our rooms joining) they were huge & fully equipped.. With Coke, Fanta, 7Up & water in the frigdes & fruit on the table...

The first couple of days were great, I got to sit & "rest" but By the 3rd day, normal service had resumed... No rest for me... No lying in the sun, resting... I was up & down like a tarts draws... Trying to get the Princess in the pool & dealing with the Monster... Boo had made friends with the General Managers son so she was on the missing list, only seeing us to have her shower & get ready before she was off out with him again.... oh to be young again.

The holiday was lovely though, the food was as gorgeous as the first time, the cocktails were flowing & Molly & I had some nice bonding time... We played pool, had a few cocktails, went shopping & I fought off the waiters & chefs that were continuously asking her out.... One barman kept making her drinks with hearts on it.. Ha ha ha.

It came to the end of the holiday & I was left to do all the packing AGAIN.... For the life of me, I was stumped. How can the cases be so full still?? Minus a huge pack of nappies & the 2 big tubs of baby milk?? Oh well, I managed to pack it all... "Him in doors" helped, you know... "Have WE packed everything, did YOU remember....." you know how it is... We went to the lobby to book out & say good bye, I felt so sad, this was the first holiday that I didn't want to go home, usually by 10 days I'm ready to get home back to my creature comforts but I really didn't want to go home.

The flight home was as easy as it was going, the babies were so good, they made me very proud.. The "Princess" watched her Peppa Pig & the Monster smiled & waved at everybody... I'll be honest with you... I was dreading taking the kids on a plane but they were fantasic... If any of you want a fantastic hotel that's all inclusive, with fantastic people, then Sentido Crystal Bay in Hurghada, is the place to go.... Now to book our next holiday... ;oP