Wednesday, 29 August 2012

U.D.I's.. (understanding Debbie's injuries) Lol

So, I have told you before about my Northern Bessie mate.. Debbie, she's a LOON, a proper drinker & a great friend, she is also the Godmother of Ruby "Princess".. Now, I have a funny story about the Christening of my Princess.... & for my Post on UDI's to make any sense, I have to tell you about the Christening.

The morning of the Christening started very well, all the Godparents together, celebrating with a Bucks fizz, we all went to the church, Christened the "Princess" then went to the reception. I had booked the reception at a local social club until 5pm. Everybody was having such a lovely time that we decided to take the party back to our house... Drinks were flowing & everyone was in high spirits.. One of the Godmothers was laying on the floor playing with the "Princess", throwing her up & down, after a little while, Kerry put her down & she crawled off leaving Kerry still laying on the floor... At this, Debbie shouts My Turn & throws her self at Kerry, smashing heads but continuing straight over & smashing her nose on the floor. I at this time was in the down stairs toilet & as I came out could see blood everywhere.. I ask whats happened & Debbie turns around, saying that its all ok, that shes just got a nose bleed. NO.. That is no nose bleed, she had split it open. It took her daughter & me at least 10 minutes to convince her that she WAS going to hospital to get it looked at.
When we finally saw the doctor, he just looked at me & shook his head, the poor bloke didn't know where to start stitching, her nose was split in so many directions...

after this we would joke with her that the next time she comes down, we would notify the emergency services.. The next party she came to was the "Princess"'s 1st Birthday... & yes, she hurt herself... this time she fell backwards over a post
Leaving her with this lovely bruise...

Unfortunately, Debbie missed the 2nd Birthday but this weekend was the a double Birthday Party as it was the "Monsters" 1st & the "Princess"'s 3rd.... & guess what? Yep... Debbie ended up with another huge bruise, this time she slipped on the decking, landing on the arm of a chair... But she did stop the "princess" from hurting herself so it wasn't in vain... lol

I think the moral to this little story is either Debbie needs to stop coming down to visit or she needs to cut down on her drinking.. Ha ha ha

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