Thursday, 14 June 2012

Lovely Award...

Lovely Awards

Yesterday I was awarded this Lovely Award by The gorgeous, fantastic & inspirational @sthurley49. Who Who has been wonderful at helping me to start Blogging.. Her Blogs will have you in tears, some funny & some very moving...

The rules of this award are as follows:
1. Include the award logo somewhere in your blog.
2. Answer these 10 questions, below, for fun if you want to.
3. Nominate 5 or 6 blogs you enjoy. Or you pick the number.
4. Pay the love forward: Provide your nominee’s link in your post and comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been included and invited to participate.
5. Pay the love back with gratitude and a link to the blogger(s) who nominated you.

So without further ado, here are the questions and my answers.

1.What is your Favourite Colour?
My favourite colour without any hesitation is Red, I really can't tell you why, I just know that, thats the colour I love over all others, however, I wear mostly Black.. Ha ha ha

2. What is your favourite animal?
I am going to have to say two animals, I LOVE Giraffes & Otters both are so graceful & have the prettiest faces.

3. What is your favourite non alcoholic drink?
Now, anyone that knows me, knows I don't drink things like Coke or Tea or Coffee But I do drink WATER, until its coming out of my ears... Fizzy mainly.

4.Facebook or Twitter
I'm not to sure on this one... I love Facebook as it helped me get back into contact with so many old friends but Twitter as opened the door to many new & fantastic friends...

5.Favourite Pattern?
Favourite pattern, now thats an odd one... I Love Rennie Mackintosh's art, so I'll go with that..

6.Do you prefer getting or giving presents?

As I said in an earlier post, I LOVE giving presents, I love seeing the look on peoples faces when you give them something that they have always wanted... But I have to be honest to you, I REALLY LOVE getting presents too... Come on, who don't?

7.Favourite number?

Now, this is hard, I like a few numbers... 10 (Boo's bday) 13 just because it isn't unlucky for me, 17 (Maisie's bday) & 25 Princess's bday)....

8.Favourite day of the week?

Sunday... Growing up as a kid, that was the day ALL the family was together, all around a HUGE table, having a proper nice Roast... Now it's my little family's Lazy day...

9.Favourite flower?
I'm greedy, I love Orchids, Lillys & Irises.. Such beautiful flowers...

10.What is your passion?

MY CHILDREN.... I didn't even have to think about that, I have others but they are my world...

So there you go, my 10 questions all done. Now I have to nominate some more bloggers to receive this award. You don't have to answer the questions but please accept this award from me for being fab & always making me smile.... xxx

@NotSoSlummy Brilliant pictures, funny tweets & blogs..

@Ladyfuckwitt Brilliantly Funny Woman who makes me pee my pants ]

@HonestMummy Heart felt blogs with beautiful photos!/HonestMummy

@MinistryOfMum A woman that has me in STITCHES

@FeelEmFriday Brilliant blogs from REAL people fighting breast cancer or helping to raise awareness. Truely inspirational people.

There are so many Good Blogs out there but these are just a few... Happy reading... xx

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Arrrrrrrrgh.... I DO know what I am talking about.

For those of you that don't know me, I had an accident back in December. I managed to snap my ankle away from my leg & shatter my leg.. How? I hear you ask... I missed a step. Yes, you heard right, I missed a step. We were in Egypt & it was our first night there. We had a lovely room but there were a few steps down into what would be the girls room. I was worried about the toddler hurting herself if she got up in the night so I decided to put her in bed with us as our bed was HUGE. I mean, this bed was so big we could have fitted the whole family in it. Anyway, we had dinner & an early night as we had been up very early, Boo went into her room, "Princess" Rubes, Me, "Him in doors" & the baby went into ours. We fell asleep pretty quickly but as Maisie was only 4 months old, she woke up for her nightly feed. It was about 3.45am.. After she had finished feeding, I laid back down to go back to sleep, but then The "Princess" started kicking me in the back closely followed by "Him in doors" calling the cows home with the loudest snore ever. After about 20mins of this, I had enough so went to go into Boo's room. As I walked down these beautiful marble steps in the dark, I misjudged the last step, "SNAP!!"

went the ankle, so loud it woke Boo up.. There was me, on the floor with my foot just.. Hanging... Needless to say, I went to the hospital & after a little argument with the Insurance people, they operated. The holiday continued & it was BRILLIANT. I got to lie around, in the sun,

with my own waiter asking me every half hour if I needed a drink or anything else while "Him in doors" ran around after the 3 kids. & I rekindled my love of Mojito's, well, I couldn't hurt myself, I was already Legless... Ha ha ha

We returned to England & I went straight to hospital to get it checked out & a new Cast fitted. After 8 LONG & painful weeks, they took the Cast off & I could walk on it, but not to much. 4 weeks later I went back in to have a bolt removed & a week later I had to go to see the Consultant again as something wasn't right. I could feel one of the pins, he told me that it HADN'T moved a that I should just take more pain killers. REALLY???? I am at home, on my own with the 2yr old & the baby & he wants me taking MORE pain killers... Errrrr, NO. I have been putting up with the pain & just getting on with it but today I had to go for my 6 weeks review after the removal of the bolt.

Guess what ???? Yes, the pin has moved, so much so that the ankle ISN'T fusing back with the leg, as the pin ISN'T holding them together because IT HAS MOVED!!!!! This means that I need another operation, so that they can put a plate on the ankle & a bone graph to help them fuse. As you can imagine, I am NOT happy. Why didn't they listen to me?? Surely, I know my own body.... Now I have to sit & decide whether I refuse the op & hope the bones fuse on their own or do I put my family through yet another worrying time of me having another operation then being laid up for another 8 weeks.

Thanks for listening o me rant & I hope you weren't to grossed out by the photos..

Love Me & my manky foot.. Xxx

Monday, 11 June 2012

Fallout from the fridge...

Growing up I was never one of those kids who had a fridge full of food & goodies.. Don't get me wrong, we had food in the fridge, wine & beer in case visitors came, food for dinners, condiments etc but the fridge was never FULL... We knew where everything went in the fridge & we put everything back in it's place (at our peril if we didn't as dad would moan if things weren't on the "Right shelves")
(NOT our Fridge growing up)

Now, we come to my fridge, I try to keep my fridge full, I have friends that just "Pop in" & Boo often brings friends home.. I myself, would like my fridge to be like my fridge was back home when I was growing up but that's not possible in this house.. No... It's chaos!!! on numerous occasions I have gone to take something out for dinner & had to become the Indian Goddess Kali with many arms to catch The stuff that comes flying out as if it is making a break for it's life. It appears that NOBODY in my house can put anything away properly, mainly because they are fecking lazy & are annoyed that the "Fairy" didn't come & do it for them. It's like they just "Throw it in". Even my friends that come around & bring beers or wine for parties, Just shove it in & hope for the best....
(Still, NOT our Fridge)

So today was no different, as I open the fridge to get the veg out of the draw, I take my life in my hands, a million & one things come flying out of there & I am like a whippet, grab here, catch there... But I under estimate the fridge... As I bend down to get the veg from the draw, a tub of cream comes flying off of the top shelf & misses me by an inch... Arrrrrgh. That'll be ME, mopping AGAIN...

Babies aren't babies for long..

My mum always says to people that Babies are not babies for long & I always used to look at her & think "Silly old cow" (Sorry mum) but recently I have began to realise what she means.
I have 5 children, 3 of them I gave birth too & 2 are my beautiful Step Daughters. I & M were 3 & 5 when I came into their lives so I didn't really have experience of them growing from babies.. & thinking back to when Boo was born, everything was a blur, we had so many problems when she was born that everyday was a milestone but 10 years later I had "Princess" Ruby.

When Ruby was born I was so happy, a new little baby.. She had grown tucked into my hip so they warned me that her hips hadn't grown properly & that she could possibly need an operation but we would know more as she got older & I wasn't to worry if she took longer than most babies to start crawling... Ruby grew like any other baby, she started teething, crawling & eating food like normal, she was a baby for as long as. Baby is a baby.. What was my mum talking about??? Then when Ruby was about 16 months old we found out that I was expecting again... 9 months later we had Maisie. Now I see what my mum means... This child does not stop, since the age of 6months she has tried her hardest to climb out of anything she is in.. The Rocking chair, the Moses basket & the Bouncy chair...
Now at 8 months it's her Walker & High Chair... not content with frightening the life out of me with this, she has started climbing up things, on Ruby's sponge chair

& now my friends stairs... She has also learnt "No" if we tell her No to something, she shakes her head at us, smiles & says.. " No, no, no.." & carries on with what she is doing.

She is to young to be doing all of this, surely?? Should she not still be laying in my arms, cooing & smiling up at me?? Both my Nan & my Mum laugh & tell me she is going to be trouble.. I think, for once, I actually believe them.... Lol

How old were your little'ns when they started climbing???

Monday, 4 June 2012

Age is nothing but a number...

This evening I went out to the cinema with my friend to see "What to expect when you're expecting", a funny film especially when you have had children & find yourself nodding at things that are relevant, like the heat & mood swings, the sore boobs & the NEED for drugs when giving birth.

My post isn't about child birth or what to expect when you are indeed expecting a baby but the age difference in "Him in doors" & myself. There is a part in the film where a YOUNG woman is married to Dennis Quaid (who is playing the father of another character) & when they go into the delivery suite the nurse asks if he is the woman's dad... Now, I have never had a problem with the 13yrs age difference between "Him in doors" & Me but we had our youngest Daughter's Christening in March & towards the end of it the barmaid came up to me to talk to me about the money we had left behind the bar. She comes up to me, all smiles, bouncy & happy. "Hi, just need to tell you quickly, the money that was put behind the bar, by your DAD I think, well, there is only £56 left." at this, I started to laugh hysterically, she looks perplexed, as if I've gone made & asks me if I'm alright, when I finally stop laughing & pull myself together, I thank her for not only making me laugh but for pointing out that I don't look old... Then tell her that "My Dad" is actually "Him in doors" poor girl didn't know what to say, she sheepishly apologised & returned to the bar.... This, as you know, delighted me, so, I had to share it... With EVERYBODY at the christening..

This isn't the first time our age difference has been brought up, my 2 Step Daughters often joke that their dad was 13 when I was being born, much to his annoyance & I think embarrassment too sometimes. He is only a couple of years younger than my Dad & my Step Dad & the same age as my Aunt, which can be quite odd at family parties or when my dad comes to stay & they go to the pub for a beer & as I've said, it hasn't ever been a problem, we are no Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta Jones nor are we J Howard Marshall & Anna Nicole Smith.. Although, I'm sure the money was a bigger prospect to them ladies than the sexual attraction... I myself fell for "Him in doors" not for his money, I just like OLD things... Ha ha ha.

Friday, 1 June 2012

When You've got to be sick, you've got to be sick...

In my last post I told you of my Holiday with my Best Friend SJ to Majorca, but when she read the post she told me that I had missed loads out, In fact, I hadn't, I just knew I was going to write another one to tell you some more about Our First Holiday WITHOUT our parents...

Now, you know what its like, you get drunk, go to bed whenever you want, throw your clothes on the floor & leave your stuff lying around. Now its the getting drunk bit I want to tell you about, you know that we started drinking as soon as we hit the airport & you know we were stupid enough to go off with a STRANGE man to find "The Tunnel" but there were days/night in between that, that were equally funny... Like the time we went to a bar for some lunch & to watch the telly to see who had one the new PM's job.. The bar seemed nice enough, clean, tidy, cheap food & drink, everything you would want. It was all going well until I needed to go to the toilet, I asked behind the bar & they pointed over to the corner, off I went to the toilet when I stopped dead, There was indeed a toilet but if he a glass door (one of the doors with the fuzzy glass, so you can see but you cant SEE) & there was somebody in there, I quickly made my way back to our table, "Sar, go to the loo & look but don't make it obvious" "Why?" "Because the door is glass & you can see some bloke in there, Ha ha ha" Well, could you believe it, needless to see, I didn't go to the toilet there nor did we go back...

Then there was the time we went to the Night club down the road & literally walked into a Foam Bath.. We couldn't see a bloody thing but boy, what fun, some warning would have been nice though as I don't think we would have worn White tops... we got back from the club, some of the waiters were still in the bar, there was this one waiter that had really taken a liking to Sarah (he would often call out to her as we were sun bathing.) We sat & had a drink with them & he asked Sarah if he could throw her in the pool.. "Whats it worth" she answered. He told her that she could have a free drink.. "Make it a bottle of Malibu & your on" Sooooo, after negotiations they agreed that he could throw her in for a bottle of Malibu. We go out side & he grabs her up.. "Hang on, hang on" she screams, I have to take my Shoes off, They can get ruined... & then SPLASH.. She was in. As you can imagine, we were very drunk & thought this very funny. I'm not to sure the other guests staying there thought the same

Anyway, the next morning dawned on us, I say morning, by the time we actually stopped drinking & went to bed it was around 5.30am, So went didn't get up until at least 2pm. We felt rough.. we looked rough.. We attempted to get up & sort ourselves out, Sarah was in the bathroom putting her make up on after her shower when I ran in, head straight down the toilet.. Talking to God on the Big White Telephone... Poor Sarah, stuck, in the same room, fingers in her ears singing & humming at the top of her voice so not to hear me... In a break from throwing up & look at her & shout. "Run, Quick, there's more coming" SJ rans from the room, straight outside on the balcony & shuts the door.. Faintly from the distance I can still hear her singing to herself... After I had finished & had a shower, it was down to the bar again to collect her bottle & have a hair of the dog.. I have to say, I'm not to sure I would have let someone throw me in the pool fully clothed for a bottle of Malibu.. Ha ha ha