Monday, 11 June 2012

Babies aren't babies for long..

My mum always says to people that Babies are not babies for long & I always used to look at her & think "Silly old cow" (Sorry mum) but recently I have began to realise what she means.
I have 5 children, 3 of them I gave birth too & 2 are my beautiful Step Daughters. I & M were 3 & 5 when I came into their lives so I didn't really have experience of them growing from babies.. & thinking back to when Boo was born, everything was a blur, we had so many problems when she was born that everyday was a milestone but 10 years later I had "Princess" Ruby.

When Ruby was born I was so happy, a new little baby.. She had grown tucked into my hip so they warned me that her hips hadn't grown properly & that she could possibly need an operation but we would know more as she got older & I wasn't to worry if she took longer than most babies to start crawling... Ruby grew like any other baby, she started teething, crawling & eating food like normal, she was a baby for as long as. Baby is a baby.. What was my mum talking about??? Then when Ruby was about 16 months old we found out that I was expecting again... 9 months later we had Maisie. Now I see what my mum means... This child does not stop, since the age of 6months she has tried her hardest to climb out of anything she is in.. The Rocking chair, the Moses basket & the Bouncy chair...
Now at 8 months it's her Walker & High Chair... not content with frightening the life out of me with this, she has started climbing up things, on Ruby's sponge chair

& now my friends stairs... She has also learnt "No" if we tell her No to something, she shakes her head at us, smiles & says.. " No, no, no.." & carries on with what she is doing.

She is to young to be doing all of this, surely?? Should she not still be laying in my arms, cooing & smiling up at me?? Both my Nan & my Mum laugh & tell me she is going to be trouble.. I think, for once, I actually believe them.... Lol

How old were your little'ns when they started climbing???

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