Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Arrrrrrrrgh.... I DO know what I am talking about.

For those of you that don't know me, I had an accident back in December. I managed to snap my ankle away from my leg & shatter my leg.. How? I hear you ask... I missed a step. Yes, you heard right, I missed a step. We were in Egypt & it was our first night there. We had a lovely room but there were a few steps down into what would be the girls room. I was worried about the toddler hurting herself if she got up in the night so I decided to put her in bed with us as our bed was HUGE. I mean, this bed was so big we could have fitted the whole family in it. Anyway, we had dinner & an early night as we had been up very early, Boo went into her room, "Princess" Rubes, Me, "Him in doors" & the baby went into ours. We fell asleep pretty quickly but as Maisie was only 4 months old, she woke up for her nightly feed. It was about 3.45am.. After she had finished feeding, I laid back down to go back to sleep, but then The "Princess" started kicking me in the back closely followed by "Him in doors" calling the cows home with the loudest snore ever. After about 20mins of this, I had enough so went to go into Boo's room. As I walked down these beautiful marble steps in the dark, I misjudged the last step, "SNAP!!"

went the ankle, so loud it woke Boo up.. There was me, on the floor with my foot just.. Hanging... Needless to say, I went to the hospital & after a little argument with the Insurance people, they operated. The holiday continued & it was BRILLIANT. I got to lie around, in the sun,

with my own waiter asking me every half hour if I needed a drink or anything else while "Him in doors" ran around after the 3 kids. & I rekindled my love of Mojito's, well, I couldn't hurt myself, I was already Legless... Ha ha ha

We returned to England & I went straight to hospital to get it checked out & a new Cast fitted. After 8 LONG & painful weeks, they took the Cast off & I could walk on it, but not to much. 4 weeks later I went back in to have a bolt removed & a week later I had to go to see the Consultant again as something wasn't right. I could feel one of the pins, he told me that it HADN'T moved a that I should just take more pain killers. REALLY???? I am at home, on my own with the 2yr old & the baby & he wants me taking MORE pain killers... Errrrr, NO. I have been putting up with the pain & just getting on with it but today I had to go for my 6 weeks review after the removal of the bolt.

Guess what ???? Yes, the pin has moved, so much so that the ankle ISN'T fusing back with the leg, as the pin ISN'T holding them together because IT HAS MOVED!!!!! This means that I need another operation, so that they can put a plate on the ankle & a bone graph to help them fuse. As you can imagine, I am NOT happy. Why didn't they listen to me?? Surely, I know my own body.... Now I have to sit & decide whether I refuse the op & hope the bones fuse on their own or do I put my family through yet another worrying time of me having another operation then being laid up for another 8 weeks.

Thanks for listening o me rant & I hope you weren't to grossed out by the photos..

Love Me & my manky foot.. Xxx


  1. This sounds so painful.
    Poor you. Hope you feel better as soon as possible. You can find me at

  2. Thank you my lovely... Just found out today that I DO have to have the op, on the waiting list now... Not happy... But hey hoo. Xxx