Monday, 4 June 2012

Age is nothing but a number...

This evening I went out to the cinema with my friend to see "What to expect when you're expecting", a funny film especially when you have had children & find yourself nodding at things that are relevant, like the heat & mood swings, the sore boobs & the NEED for drugs when giving birth.

My post isn't about child birth or what to expect when you are indeed expecting a baby but the age difference in "Him in doors" & myself. There is a part in the film where a YOUNG woman is married to Dennis Quaid (who is playing the father of another character) & when they go into the delivery suite the nurse asks if he is the woman's dad... Now, I have never had a problem with the 13yrs age difference between "Him in doors" & Me but we had our youngest Daughter's Christening in March & towards the end of it the barmaid came up to me to talk to me about the money we had left behind the bar. She comes up to me, all smiles, bouncy & happy. "Hi, just need to tell you quickly, the money that was put behind the bar, by your DAD I think, well, there is only £56 left." at this, I started to laugh hysterically, she looks perplexed, as if I've gone made & asks me if I'm alright, when I finally stop laughing & pull myself together, I thank her for not only making me laugh but for pointing out that I don't look old... Then tell her that "My Dad" is actually "Him in doors" poor girl didn't know what to say, she sheepishly apologised & returned to the bar.... This, as you know, delighted me, so, I had to share it... With EVERYBODY at the christening..

This isn't the first time our age difference has been brought up, my 2 Step Daughters often joke that their dad was 13 when I was being born, much to his annoyance & I think embarrassment too sometimes. He is only a couple of years younger than my Dad & my Step Dad & the same age as my Aunt, which can be quite odd at family parties or when my dad comes to stay & they go to the pub for a beer & as I've said, it hasn't ever been a problem, we are no Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta Jones nor are we J Howard Marshall & Anna Nicole Smith.. Although, I'm sure the money was a bigger prospect to them ladies than the sexual attraction... I myself fell for "Him in doors" not for his money, I just like OLD things... Ha ha ha.

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