Wednesday, 23 May 2012

How did my parents cope with us with a hangover??

Today has been hard for me, I'm not to sure if it was the lack of sleep that I got last night after rolling in at 1.30am or the 4 bottles of Prosecco that my friend & I shared at the Quiz night in her local pub but I have to tell you, today was one of those days I wished I wasn't a mum, I wanted to go back to my younger days when staying bed suffering was the "Done" thing. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids & couldn't be without them really but the thought of sleeping all day was very appealing.

This made me think back to growing up in the pub. How did my Mum, Dad, Nan or any other family member that had par taken in a few too many then stayed over, cope with Me, my Sister & Cousins, shouting & running riot in the mornings. We used to have a lot of amazing parties in the pub & obviously copious amounts of alcohol flowing.. I remember one night we had a lock in & the drinks were flowing, the "Adults" were playing card games & drinking games, & we got to stay up too... when we got up in the morning it was like a morgue, bodies littered all over the place. This didn't seem to stop us from playing in the bar, running & jumping along the sofas around the people, as we always did. The bodies seem to add to the fun "Don't let the Zombies get you" I think the game was.. Full with screaming & shouting.. One thing I did learn from all of these people was that if you drink a pint of water & take to anadin before you go to bed, you don't get a hangover BUT the trick is, NOT to be to drunk that you forget to do it.. Ha ha ha

Do you think children know that you have a hangover & deliberately become louder, more whiny & find the noisiest toys to play with? I swear my children knew today, the 12yr old started first thing... "Wheres my shoes?" "Why can't I have a friend over tonight" "It's not fair" Blah blah blah.. Then the toddler starts... "Mummy, Ruby needs sweeties" "Ruby doesn't like cereal" "Mummmmmy, Blair Blair has dropped my drink" So on & So on. Then that left the baby & she couldn't be left out, oh no.... Wah wah wah wah.. most of the day. Amazingly, I'm feeling better & the kids have finally stopped & gone to bed.. I wonder if its that I'm getting older that the hangovers are getting worse or is it that I can drink more than all those years ago... Either way, I'm NOT drinking anymore... Well, until the next time. (Don't Judge me, you know you say the same, Lol)

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