Saturday, 19 May 2012

Milk into butter...

I was never one of those girls that got embarrassed easily when I was younger, I mean, I was growing up in a pub, with different people doing odd & embarrassing things all the time.. Our bar man Mark would ALWAYS opt for stockings & suspenders at any of our fancy dress nights, people would strip off at a drop of a hat & my uncle would try & tickle us until we wet ourselves (although, my mum taught me not to be ticklish, so it never worked on me) & the amount of naked women & men I had seen by the age of 18 was in the double figures. (strippers) So, as you can imagine, I didn't embarrass easily. That was until one hot & sunny Saturday when I was 17.... The day had started like any other day, got up, had breakfast, had a shower etc. Now, I can't quite remember what I had to go out for but it appears that I went out & because it was hot I had shorts & a little "crop top" on. looking back, this was rather silly as I was a size 6/8 with a 34DD chest & really shouldn't have my boobs so on show but I was young & it was the 90's. Anyway, back to the story. So, I had been out & time had gotten away from me, I was late, so, as you can imagine, I had to hurry back... This is where, women with big boobs will sympathise with me, I started running home.. Boobs everywhere but I hadn't really noticed that as I was in a hurry. UNTIL, I heard someone call my name.. I looked around but couldn't see anyone, then I heard it again closely followed by " Shell, you want to be careful you don't whip that milk into butter with those "fuck off" boobs" from a man hole about 2 foot away... Well, everyone turned around & looked at me & I could feel myself going a very dark shade of EMBARASSED..
now, this wouldn't have been to bad, I could have got over this, no one in the street knew me except for my friend who had embarrassed me but NO, that would be easy, No, Bobby was then in my local (yes, I was drinking in a pub at 17 but in my defence, I did look a lot older & to be fair, everybody has done it) & had told everyone what had happened, so as I walked in, everyone started clapping... There was me AGAIN, BRIGHT RED... I could have killed him... Still, looking back, it's one of my stories that makes me laugh the most.. " whip that milk into butter" pure genius... Ha ha ha.


  1. Omg how embarrassing . I can sympathise totally with you as I too have enormous boobies and do not do running because of them. Brilliant post darling xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Ha ha ha... Thank you darlin. I did wonder how many women would nod & smile at that... Xxxxx