Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Twirly's arrival

Last night I was reminded of something I said to someone after I had given birth to MY first born that made me laugh.. Let me tell you about having Boo..

Having Boo wasn't as easy as they told me it would be.. At 31wks I started to get pains. It was a saturday morning & we were moving house, I wasn't doing to much as I was obviously very pregnant. We moved in & I went off to work as usual, I had a little part time job in my friends Pub. It was a busyish shift, we had the football lot in & the time went quite quickly but I was still getting these pains, not to bad but enough to stop me in between serving.. My shift finished & I went home to my new place.
Once home I cleaned the bathroom (not that it needed it but you know what its like when you move into a new house) then I ran a bath & made my bed.. "Him in doors" ordered a take away & I had an early night.. I woke up about 4am in terrible pain, It felt like someone was stabbing me & twisting the knife.. I tried to wake him but all I got was "It's Braxton Hicks" & he fell back to sleep... I got up as I couldn't sleep & I started putting my Hospital bag together, god knows why but it came in handy in the end.. By 6am I was in to much pain & rang my Aunt, I would have rung my mum but my dad was a Postman & hated being woken up early on his day off... Anyway, she told me to go straight to the hospital to get checked out..
I woke him up & we made our way there. Once there they put all sorts of monitors on me & checked me over.. In the end they were going to send me home, UNTIL I hemorrhaged.. They had given me all sort of pain killers & I felt right out of it at the time & started to giggle.. "Oops, I think I've wet myself, Oh no, wait, its ok, its just BLOOD" As you can imagine, this sent the doctors & nurses into a panic & "Him in doors" went white as a sheet.. They quickly asked me to sign something & the next thing I know, I'm on a table & they are trying to stick something in my back..(spinal epidoodle) I can remember looking at the Anesthetist & shouting to him "Oi, Oi, Just because I'm off my face & numb down there, don't think I won't know if your perving" God Knows to this day why I said it but I did.. Lol

Boo was born, weighing 3lb 2oz & they took her straight to SCBU.. I remember being on the ward & screaming at the nurse when she brought me a photo... "I don't want a sodding photo, I want to see my Baby" Slamming my legs up & down on the bed to show that they worked (I couldn't feel a thing but they didn't need to know that) eventually she gave in & let "Him in doors" take me down to see her. I had just got her in my arms when my nan came rushing in, pushing Past the mother in law & took her off of me.. She was crying & telling me how proud she was, My grandad was there too, which is a VERY big deal as he doesn't do hospitals. From that day, he has ALWAYS called her Twirly because she came to early & because she was The Daughter of my Grandad's Curly.. Me!

It was a couple of days later & my Sister & her best friend came to the hospital to visit me & see the baby..... My Sister told me that she had gone to Mothercare to buy a bib that she had seen for the baby & then what her friend had said to her at the time.. My Sister: "I need to go to Mothercare to buy something for my Sister & the baby, a bib" My Sisters friend Lisa: "ABIB, that's a funny name to call a baby" This still makes me chuckle to this day... Anyway, after she told me this Lisa asked me "How does it feel now you are a Mummy?" & apparently, my reply, as she told me last night, was, "Like a COW, with too much MILK" Ha ha ha.. Sounds just like something I would say.. I also apparently rang everybody telling them that I had, had the baby but I was still off my face & didn't remember. One of my Best friends Toni arrived at the hospital with the HUGEST balloon I have ever seen, I was shocked to see her & asked if "Him in doors" had rang her but she told me, that it had been me.. Proper off my face on drugs.. A few others turned up as well, apparently, I had rang them too.. Ha ha ha

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