Monday, 21 May 2012

Quick... Save the Queen...

While blogging about my Holiday to the Canaries it reminded me of another funny situation that happened while we were there.

We had been at the hotel for about 4 days when we stumbled across two Gay Guys, Phil & Dave. They were so lovely, kind, funny & had us in stitches nearly everyday. Phil was much more girly than me or Debs, so he became our Queen (He still is & I have since taken him to Brighton, which is another story) Around the same sort of time we also met a woman with her 16yr old lad, both were a few sandwiches short of a picnic but nice enough. Deb & I would tease the lad on a regular basis as he LOVED Boobs & we would often catch him looking at ours. Well, This lad thought it was funny to splash us while we were sunbathing, reading etc & no matter how many times we told him to stop he didn't. So, I warned him.. "Jamie, you carry on with this, playing like a BIG BOY, your gonna get it like a BIG BOY". He didn't listen, sooooooo, he got it.. He was in the pool on his own, so Deb's & I swam up either side of him & grabbed him & started to pull off his swimming shorts.. At this point I think half of the hotel had, had enough of him because there was a rush to the pool & about 13 people helped get them off... Poor lad was then stood there holding his modesty in his hands calling to his mum to bring his shorts over, which she did, but stood at the side of the pool, holding them out saying "Here you are then Jamie, come & get them, I'm not throwing them in because they will get wet" Ha ha ha.

Now this isn't the story I'm telling you, just merely leading up to the main event... As you can imagine, Jamie was a little embarrassed & wanted to get his own back... He then came to where we were lying & tried to Push Mark into the Pool.. Well, Mark has been called a White "Cello Green" & was obviously not going to be pushed in the pool by a skinny lad. We all laughed, then Jamie Pushed in my Queen.. This didn't go the way Jamie had planned though as the tiles around the pool were wet & Phil slipped banging his head on the way into the pool. My stomach turns as I remember it now. At this I jump up, run & dive into the pool, closely followed by Deb.. Nothing funny about this I hear you say, well, we were topless.. & neither of us having a small bust... Phil was VERY OILY & trying to fish an Oiled up Gay man out of a pool isn't easy... While trying to keep Phils head out of water he tells me that he has lost his contact lens & promptly starts looking in the water, I couldn't keep hold of him & he starts going under again (although Deb remembers it differently & thinks I just let go of him, Lol). Debs & I manage to get a grip of him again & the blokes lift him out.. We then take him to the hospital to be checked over (after we put our tops on) & while sat outside (so Deb can have a fag) we notice an ambulance pull into the parking lot, start to take out a Lady, put her back in, drive right to the end of the lot, where there was NOTHING but rubble, then just leave her there...

Still to this day we don't know what happened to that Lady. Phil on the other hand is well but keeping away from the side of pool & still very much our "Queen".


  1. This is so funny, well done you xxxx

  2. Thank you my lovely.. I do try. But honestly, its a bitch to try & lift a greased up guy out of water... Ha ha ha