Thursday, 17 May 2012

Making a "Drink" at 9yrs old... In a PUB. :o)

Last night, my Mum commented on one of my blogs & it reminded me of something I did when I was little... I was very lucky when I was little as I got to grow up in my nan & grandads pub. Now, this is where some of my "Funnies" happened, like the one my Mum commented on..
So, I was about 9yrs old & My Nan & Grandad had thrown a "Cocktail" evening in the pub the night before. It was amazing, pretty glasses, umbrella's, colourful plastic animals that hung off of the side of the glass.. Sugar around the rims of the pretty glasses, as you can imagine. Then there were the people, all dressed up in Bow ties & gorgeous dresses.. Everything was so magical... Anyway, as I said, that was the night before & I was standing in the bar about 9am and everything hadn't quite been put away, there were still umbrellas & colourful plastic animals, straws & CHERRIES left out on the side, sooooooooo, I thought I would be a "Big Girl" & have a cocktail.. I went to the other side of the bar, grabbed a stool, dragged it to the bar under the optics & started pouring spirits in to the glass.. Not lots, just Bacardi, Vodka, Rum, Malibu, Gin & maybe a little Jack Daniels... To this I added an Orange Juice & Lemonade (obviously a bar tender in the making as I have since made a punch with these ingredients & they do actually work) Then enters my Nan... "What ya doing?" she says to me, to which I turn around to her & say "Making a drink Nanny" with a smile on my face... Oh dear, apparently, even though you live in a pub & you get Coke & Crisps when you want them.. They are NOT free.. & neither are the spirits I put in my "Drink" Ha ha ha. Now, my Nan being the wonderful but very firm woman she is, asked me what I was going to do with my "Drink" & I replied that I was indeed going to "Drink it..." to this, she then said "Go on then" & waited for me to put it to my lips... She very quickly took it off of me so that I didn't drink it then she explained to me that I was far too young to be drinking alcohol & that I would have to PAY her & Grandad the money for all of the drinks I had put in my little cocktail... Needless to say, I never done it again.. It took about 4 weeks of pocket money to pay them back.. Lol Now, all this got me thinking... I am very lucky with my girls, I have the usual little hic ups, you know, the little drawings on the walls, the make up or cream all over their faces but never anything like that, thank god... Thinking about this made me think of other little things that happened in my Nan & Grandads pub.. trust me, ther were quite a few, but I shall save them for another blog.. Thanks for reading.. I'm off now to go & make a "Drink"... xxxx


  1. How funny. And how cool to have a nan and grandad that had a pub xxxxxx

  2. Glad you thought is was funny... I didn't when I had to pay them back.. Ha ha ha... As for being brought up in a pub.. It was amazing & I wish that I could go back.. I loved it.. There are many more stories to come... Xxxxx