Friday, 18 May 2012

WHY, why would you name your baby THAT???

As I lay in my pit at god knows what time after being woken up by the baby, for some strange & unknown reason, I started thinking of Baby names & why some people feel the need to call their BELOVED children, REALLY STUPID names... I myself have a name that I will never like nor will I ever reveal on here.(but all I will say is that I sound very much like I should be a Country & Western Singer...) This to me, is horrifying, however much my mum likes it. I will never understand why I couldn't just have a normal name like Sarah or Lizzy.... She didn't stop there either, oh no, she had my sister who she named after a Russian Polar Bear.. See, why do parents hate their kids.. Seriously? Ha ha ha. This also made me wonder "How do the likes of Fi Fi Trixabel, Heavenly Herani & Apple feel about their names..?" Seriously.. Do you not love your children..? Is this your way of getting your own back because you had to lose work & money for a few months??? I myself did not feel the need to punish my children & gave them simple names.. Beth, Ruby & Maisie, although, i nearly had a little mishap with the eldest girl... I wanted to call her Lauren but a friend pointed out that it would sound like " Laurel & Hardy" if i did. I know at some point I will get something along the lines of "Mum, why couldn't you have called me Renezemae ?" (Twilight reference) or another name that could possibly be as stupid. My answer then shall be plain & simple "Because I love you"

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