Monday, 14 May 2012

Where to begin?

I was recently talking to a girlfriend of mine about the fact, that NO MATTER whatever I say to the other half, it seems to fall on deaf ears unless it has something to do with Sex or Food... As you can imagine, after 15yrs, this does get a little disheartening & annoying. Especially as we have children that from time to time, I need to relay some important information... Like whether our toddler has used the toilet or if the Baby has started crawling yet.. She then suggested theraphy, followed shortly with "Or perhaps Bloggong" So, here I am, & this shall be the beginning of my therapy. Thank you very much for doing what "Him in doors" can't seem to do.. Take the other week... I had prepared a Braised Beef, put it in the oven & went out with strict instructions to keep an eye on it, add more water if needed & when to put the potatoes on... Apparently, I obviously do come from Venus as he didn't hear ANYTHING I said.. I then got a text while I was out shopping saying.. "Beef boiled dry". Now, at this point, I laughed out aloud, thinking he was joking, I mean, come on, any idiot can smell something boiling dry, surely??? But No, alas, I came home to BURNT, DRIED on BEEF to the bottom of my lovely casserole dish... Now, not to sound harsh, as he did take us out for dinner instead but COME ON... SERIOUSLY??? My worry now is that his inability to listen to me is rubbing off on our children.. I must tell my eldest daughter about 50 million times to brush her teeth, put her washing in the washing basket, put her clean clothes in the draws... but she doesn't hear me either. I know I am not alone in this but sometimes I do feel like the wall listens to me more than they do & that it would actually do what I asked if it could move... Ha ha ha..


  1. I know exactly what you mean, my husband has .....what I like to call selective hearing.
    Great Blog

  2. Thank you lovely Lady.
    It must be so hard to be a man, having to listen to us & the tv.. Lol.