Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Less Charley Brown's Teacher, more Mother of a comical Toddler.

It has been said that reading my Blog is like listening to Charley Brown's Teacher. Personally I think this was said by my friend as he is male & LONELY.. Ha ha ha..
So, for you Mr Monobrow I shall not blog about "Him in doors" Today, today I shall tell you all a little about my comical 2yr old & some of the funny things she says & does... & who has recently acquired an imaginary friend called "Blair Blair". I know we all have children in our lives that make us laugh, smile & sometimes, want to drink but My 2yr old is the exception to the rule.. She makes you want to do all three at the same time & I'm not to sure Salisbury's can re-fill the vodka shelf as quick as I can consume it... Ruby seems to be a descendant of royalty as she refers to herself in the third party all the time.. "Ruby does need a drink Mummy" "Ruby wants some Fruit Flakes please" "Ruby just peed on your carpet Mummy" "Ruby doesn't like your programmes Mummy, put Ruby's ones back on" & the one, only earlier today, after telling her that she can't have sweets for breakfast "Why? Ruby Likes sweeties, Ruby's tummy is hungry & will only eat sweeties today as it's not well". I have tried telling her that she doesn't need to put "Ruby" in front of everything she wants or does but she seems to like it... I wonder if this will set her in good stead for when she finally meets her Prince Charming.. Now, let me tell you a little about "Blair Blair", He seems to be the reason I have a lovely new drawing on my wall (of what I am not to sure of, some days its a bumble bee & others it's a flower), why the shelf on the TV unit is now broken (by a Big Heavy Ball) & why I am woken up at 5am most mornings (because obviously, if he has woken her up, she has to come & tell Mummy)... I'm not to sure when he arrived or where he came from but I would very much for him to go back, My main reasons are because you can't kill an imaginary friend & Ruby doesn't really need anymore help with being mischievous. So far today, "Blair Blair" has helped my little princess wake up at 5.13am, get Hula Hoops out of the cupboard, wipes milk all over the dinning table & put Sudo Cream on the baby's face... (That one I really wasn't happy with as I had only left her for 2 mins as I went to the toilet) All this got me thinking.. Did I have an imaginary friend? My Mum has never said that I did & I don't remember ever having one, but if I did, I hope he was like Fred from "Drop Dead Fred". If you have never seen the film & you have young children then is definitely worth a watch & if you don't have kids, watch it anyway... I remember sitting with my little sister when we were little watching it & thinking.. I want one of those!! To be honest, I would quite like one now.. How much fun would that be.. I could behave like child now but I am pretty sure I would get some funny looks & quite possibly a visit from some "Doctors" but boy.. what fun I could have...


  1. So funny, I totally sympathise with you. The Teenager had one called ROJO when she was 4 and he was damm right annoying. He was so annoying that I left him in an NCP carpark in Surrey after he informed me through my 4 year old that I looked fat today.
    Goodbye ROJO......Boy did she cry though. xxx

  2. Ha ha ha... Proper made me chuckle... Blair Blair has gone that far yet but if he does then he may well find himself making friends with ROJO... Lol

  3. you never had an imaginary friend but you got up to so much trouble you didn't need one. lol. The 'helping myself to a drink' when you was @ 4. Hitting every optic in the bar and Nanny making you pay for it/drink it. You never drunk it but she had to show you how bad you was. And then there was..........oh, I can go on and on and on................etc... Brilliant blog babes. Hugs. Love you loads, love from mummy. xxx

  4. Shhhhhhh Mummy, I was an angel & still am, I never did anything wrong... Ha ha ha

    Nan & I were talking & laughing about the "Cocktail" the other day, I think I was 9 actually Mum, Meish was about 9 as is was the same sort of time as her trying to smoke Nan's fag...

    Omg, I have just found a whole lot of new material... Ha ha ha...

    Love you Muuummmmmmmmy. Xxxx