Tuesday, 15 May 2012

There is NO Fairy !!!

It has always baffled me, why everyone in my house seems to believe in Fairies.. Not the ones you find at the bottom of the garden, they know they are not real. (Claps hands just in-case, don't want any deaths on my hands) But they do seem to believe in the "Cleaning Fairy" "Washing Fairy" "Cooking Fairy" & even the "Replacing the loo roll Fairy" I have four toilets in my house & I seem to be the only person that can put a new toilet roll on the holder in any of the bathrooms. Today, I was informed that apparently there is meant to be a "Take the suits to the Dry Cleaners Fairy" I have never heard of this one but as I was shouted at, from up stairs, being asked if "Him in doors" suits had been Dry Cleaned, I realised that there apparently should be one & that I am really crap at Mind Reading.. So, I put it to you... How many more Fairy's are their out there? I guess there has to be a "Changing the baby's nappy" one, possibly the "Taking the recycling out" one... well, in my house anyway. They say a womens work is never done... I say.. Why start?


  1. Oh yes indeed, we all have those imaginary faires. I also have the magic money tree at the bottom of the garden.

    Brilliant xxx

  2. Ooooo... Where do I get one of those??? Ha ha ha