Thursday, 24 May 2012

Who doesn't love PRESENTS...

I have spent my life trying to please people & for the life of me I can't think why, it's in complete conflict to ME!! (if you know what I mean.) I am a very BLUNT, up front person, I don't have any problems in telling people exactly who or what they are... But for some stupid reason, I also like to make people smile. How odd is that??

I've been like this since I was little, I would try to do my Nans housework to make her happy as she had been working all day. I would also give her mini pedi's too. I would help my mum get dinner ready after her hard day at work.. Help friends out if they needed it, look after my cousins on a weekend so that my Aunt could go out. As I got older it grew to presents... I LOVE buying presents for people, I love to see their faces when they open something that they have wanted. My baby sister for one. Her 16th birthday for example. She came to stay with me & "Him in doors" the night before her birthday so that she could wake up at mine.. We got a take away, which we didn't have very often growing up, then we watched films & vegged. In the morning I made sure her present was on her bed.. I say present, it was one of them & a little decoy. She looked so excited... She ripped open the present & her face was a picture. I had brought her 5 Cd's. Her face dropped, she thanked me as you do but she looked a little sad. "What's up darlin?" I asked, "I like them but I don't have a CD player to play them on.." "You could play them on Mums one" was my answer, trying not to smile, yes, you guessed it, I had brought her a CD player but that was for later. We carried on with our day, I took her shopping & we had lunch then I got a phone call from my friend, he was going to have a barbie & invited us along. We hopped on a bus & made our way there, as we sat there & handed her the second present. "What's that?" "It's a present." "But I already had a present from you." as she opened it her face was amazing... The HUGEST smile I have ever seen... This made me so happy inside. My love for giving presents continued, at Christmas I would buy my family presents that I knew would make them happy.. One year I brought my nephews remote controlled cars, car in a can they were called. They asked for clues as all kids do & my answer was as follows.. It's round but square, it's small but it's big, it's slow but it's fast.. & so on. This is the present that they talk about the most.

I'm going to fast forward now to my sisters 21st.. As usual, I had spent ages sorting out her presents... As it was her 21st I had 21 of them for her to open. Each & everyone of them was either something that she wanted or something from our childhood.. The biggest one was a Tiffany's bracelet, she had wanted one since "Him in doors" brought me one after our Boo was born. I had always promised her one for her 21st but a couple of weeks before, I told her that I couldn't afford it & that I was really sorry.. She completely understood, I was at college, I had Boo & things were tight. Anyway, it came to the day of her birthday & she was having a party, I suggested that she spent the day with me & that I helped her get ready for the evening. In the afternoon, we sat down with a glass of champagne & I gave her the presents.. 19 in total.. Not 21.. She was sooo happy, she started opening them & we laughed & reminisced about things we used to do when growing up. There were films that we used to watch, drinks we used to have, super noodles because that's what we would eat while watching the films & things like that.. Now... It was time for the BIG one.. At this point we were nearly ready, I had done her make up & her friends were there, I gave her the birthday card but forgot that I had put the card from Tiffany's inside.. As she opened it, her face changed, it was a mixture of excitement & sadness. "You can't afford this & you've already brought me loads of presents" "I have been buying your presents for months now & I was NEVER not getting your bracelet, now stop crying, you're going to mess up your make up" it was time to get going & the door bell went, "Meish, get that please,it'll be the cab" knowing full well it wasn't, I had ordered a Limo to take her to the party,(her final present, totaling 21) her friends stood outside to see her face.. We walked out & her mouth dropped open.. & yes, she started crying AGAIN.. Lol. We picked her best friend Simon (who's birthday it was too) & made our way to the party with a pit stop to the shop to get more Champers...

See, I'm a big softy at times, my eldest step daughter was 18 a couple years ago, which means she 21 next year... She got 18 presents to open & I'm pretty sure there will be 21 on her 21st unless she opts for something else like my youngest step daughter, she is 18 this year & really wants a car... Little does she know, we will be telling her that we can't afford it but there will be a car with a HUGE Red bow on it... :o)

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