Thursday, 24 May 2012

Is a Bully really a Bully?

I'm quite "Tickled Pink" that my baby sister (one of the three) LOVES my posts, she reads them after her incredibly hard day at work that she has, Teaching Children/Teens with learning disabilities... (For which I am very Proud of)(Follows in her sisters foot steps ;o))

We haven't always been close, in fact, growing up I wanted to kill her more than cuddle her. She was a "Bitch" with the capital "B".. She would do whatever she could to get ME in to trouble, she would tell our parents (I say ours but "our" Dad was actually hers, he is my Step Dad but every much a dad as my own) that I had hit her, she would steal my things & make a mess that I would ALWAYS have to clear up... But never the less, she was is my Baby Sister.

Now, being that she is my sister & seeing as I said, when she was born that I would ALWAYS look out for her... When she started being bullied at school, I saw RED... I don't like Bullies at the best of times but when you start on one of MY OWN then you really are going to get it "FULL BARREL..."
Anyway, I think she was either in the 1st year or the second year of Secondary school when one day, messing about she started whimpering as I tackled her to the ground (Not a regular occurrence) I asked her what was wrong & she told me that she was fine & that there was "NOTHING to worry about" I didn't listen to her, I KNEW she was keeping something from me so I tackled her to the ground again & pulled off her tights.. All up her leg was bruises.. A OLDER girl at school had been KICKING her in the back of the leg to get her OUT of the Dinner Line... I really Lost it.. After a fair few hours she finally told me the girls name (if I promised NOT to beat her up). Soooooooo, I went to the school the next day, Now, it had been a while since I had left but I had always still "Popped In" every now & then. I did my usual, "Hellos" to all of the teachers, Deputy & Head, then I went to find this girl.. I found a couple of my sisters friends & made them point this Older girl out.. When I say older, I don't mean by a couple of months, this girl was 2 years older than my Baby, So, me being 2 years older than her, it made it fair game... I went up to this girl, asked her if she was the girl, she, with Attitude, grunted at me that "Yeah, that's me" at this, I grabbed her hand & twisted it behind her back, I held it high enough to hurt but NOT to break (as I'm NOT a bully) & I informed her that if she was to EVER lay a finger on my Sister AGAIN, I would not only come & break her fingers but I would take them & shove them so far down her throat that she would shit them....(See, I DIDN'T beat her) Funny enough, she never did bully ANYONE ever again... Later that day my Sisters head of year came & asked me if I had threatened her but I just told him straight.. "No, I didn't threaten her, I told her what WOULD happen if she touched my Sister AGAIN"....

I Thank my lucky stars that I now deal with "Bullies" differently, In my line of work, I deal with the children that are usually the "Bullies", I have since learnt that it is the way their life is, that dictates the way they are with others... My one request is that you all think twice before acting AGAINST Bullies... Yes, what they do is HORRIBLE to your child but what is their home life like, make no mistake, I DON'T condone Bullies, I merely think now.. xx

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